Other Devices

A quick summary of Other Devices

Other Devices

Besides the standard UEs some other equipment is also available for specific tasks.

Quadruped robot

In our facility experiments can be performed with our Quadruped robot! . It can carry our 5G modems or mobile phones or CPEs or whatever to various places and strange terrains! We use it in use cases involving for example areas difficult to reach, remote monitoring and others.
So far we will se it to make remote measurements of our 5G system. It can be tele-operated and stream videos from its cameras!

4 small robotic platforms

4 small remotely teleoperated robotic platforms are available. They are 3D printed based on Intel's Openbot platform they can host a 5G mobile phone which host software to remotely operate them over the 5G network.


  • HAT for raspberry pi
  • 3G/4G/5G
  • Snapdragon X55 chipset
  • SA
  • DL/UL: 120/40 Mbps (tested)

Sim 800

Sodaq SARA

  • Arduino Based
  • NB-IoT
  • Ublox chipset
  • GPS
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensors

Sodaq Sara